In the beginning..

In the beginning, I had no idea which path that I wanted to take.. and even now, faced with more options and potential paths than I ever imagined I would be fortunate enough to choose from, I am.. lost. But not the negative kind of lost, the good lost, the lost that inspires and motivates.
Being lost, both mentally and physically somewhere on the other side of the planet, I could imagine my younger self shaking nervously at the idea. Now, however, close on 3 years of unplanned and totally unbelievable travels through our planets cities and jungles later, I no longer quiver from the thought of being lost, neither mentally nor physically. In fact, quite the opposite.. and this is where I’ve ended up.


An island in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand, upon some rocks I pondered the direction I might navigate my meat-suit. The general direction is in the pursuit of education, the acquisition and distribution, with the hope that one day I too may influence people in the same positive way in which I have been influenced by my now expanding list of role models.

I guess I’ll see where this all leads as I go..


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